Charitable organizations need help and often ask for money around Christmas and at the year’s end.  You may be familiar with the bell ringers of the Salvation Army and their red buckets near store entrances.

The Salvation Army, the Red Cross, police and firefighter organizations, local food pantries, and local homeless shelters are all worthy causes that ask for contributions this time of year.

Will you or your family be giving money to a charity this year?

High School Writing Prompt -- Charitable organizations need help and often ask for money around Christmas and at the year's end. If you donated money, to whom would you be giving it?Now it’s your turn: If you were giving money to a charitable organization this week, which one would you choose?  Explain why you would choose that particular organization. For instance, do they accomplish something that’s important to you? Do they reach a type of person that you care about?

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Photo: St. Louis Temple Corps and Community Center

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