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Apostrophe or no Apostrophe: It’s Confusing


confusingThis week’s grammar tutorial puts to rest some confusing words like “it’s” and “its.”

You can use the infographic below to teach your students about some confusing word usage. After that, there’s an exercise to reinforce the material with your students, and you’ll find the answers below the exercise.

Before all that, though, I want to let you know about a great sale going on through September.

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It’s True: “Everyone” Is Singular!


everyone is singularIt is hard to believe, but the word “everyone” is singular.

It sounds as though it should include a lot of people; in fact, it should include everyone—and that sounds plural.

But “everyone” is in the list of singular indefinite pronouns, which are listed here: each, every, either, neither, no, one, no one, everyone, someone, anyone, nobody, everybody, somebody, anybody, nothing, everything, something, anything.

I grouped them by their endings: -one, -body, and -thing. You also could list most of them by their beginnings: no-, every-, some-, and any-.

This week’s blog, which is another in a series of grammar tutorials, includes an infographic to teach the material, an exercise for your students, and answers to the exercise.

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