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Unlocking the Secrets of Writing

Practical, easy-to-use writing courses for homeschools, Christian schools, and co-ops by Sharon Watson


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What Will Happen Here?



what will happen hereDark woods have long been a vital part of many stories.

Snow White encounters the huntsman in a dark woods and escapes into another part of the woods. Ditto with Little Red Riding Hood and the wolf.

Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz is attacked in dark woods. Bilbo Baggins and the dwarves are set upon by oversized spiders in the dark woods called Mirkwood.

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Your Chance to Add to the Conversation


what topics to post in conversationWhat would you like to see here in the next few weeks and months?

What topics would you like me to address?

In the past year, we’ve posted grammar and proofreading tutorials, family writing prompts, tips on writing persuasively, how to conduct an interview, how to write introductions, issues about literature, grading tips, how to avoid plagiarism, fun writing activities for summer, and much more.

I’d love your ideas about what you would like to see here.

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