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Black Friday Event


I’m happy to announce that Writing with Sharon Watson is participating in Homeschool Giveaways and Freebies’ Black Friday Event, which goes live at 9:00 p.m. EST tonight!

eBook compare andcontrastThis event is filled with valuable coupons, free eBooks, and many exciting downloadables! In fact, we’ve included in the giveaways a brand-new 78-page eBook for your writing class titled Unlock the Secrets of Compare-and-Contrast Writing AND a 30%-off coupon for our popular course The Power in Your Hands: Writing Nonfiction in High School, student textbook. You can get your coupon and  information on how to download this FREE course by going to Homeschool Giveaways and Freebies.

But we are not the only ones in on the fun! Check out the impressive list below of other exciting coupons, eBooks, and downloadable lessons.

And here’s another exciting Black Friday – Cyber Monday event that is separate from Homeschool Giveaways and Freebies. Are you looking for quality, handmade SueMadeThat journaljournals for Christmas presents? Click here to view handmade, hand-bound, lay-flat journals for your writing and art needs or for gift-giving purposes. Use her special coupon code November 28 – December 1 for 15% off your entire order.

And now, back to Homeschool Giveaways and Freebies . . .

Black Friday Event

This is Homeschool Giveaways 4th Annual Black Friday Event and this is the biggest one ever, with over $150 in FREE Curriculum!

Click the image to claim your freebies! Scroll down below for complete details of this special offer from Homeschool Giveaways! There are also a ton of BONUS Freebies and Exclusive Coupon Codes for you when you download your freebies.


Ready to learn about the freebies in this bundle?

Creative-Writing-AdventureCreative Freewriting Adventure – $18.95 Value
Writing can be hard work. Good writing most often results from much rewriting, and much rewriting can make a writer weary. Since Philosophy Adventure™ students polish one primary writing assignment over the course of several weeks (supported by clear step-by-step instructions and seven writing checklists), we created freewriting exercises to offset their hard work with play.

Use Creative Freewriting Adventure as a stand-alone resource or to complement Philosophy Adventure. No prep required. Just grab a pen and paper, set a timer, and have fun!

Quark-ChroniclesQuark Chronicles:  Botany  $14.95 Value
Quark Chronicles: Botany is a living science book that is worldview neutral, meaning that you can use it regardless of how you feel about creationism, intelligent design, and evolution.

To get the most out of this living science curriculum, purchase the Notebooking Pages, which include suggestions for extra reading as well as copywork, vocabulary, and pages for narrations and experiment write-ups. It contains the workbook in five different handwriting fonts: vertical cursive, slant cursive, basic italic, cursive italic, and manuscript.

EHTM-Notebooking-Pages-CoverExperience History Through Music Notebooking Pages Set $12.95 Value
Are you looking for a creative and fun way to teach history to your children? Diana Waring’s “Experience History Through Music Notebooking Pages Set” was created to use side-by-side with the actual books and CD’s, but can also be used separately. This set features delightfully decorated pages for written narration for each song, plus a copywork page with lyrics.

When you download the freebies, you will get a coupon code discount to purchase the beautiful set that goes with this notebooking pack!

BOAFBirds of a Feather Unit Study – $17.95 Value
Our delightful feathered friends are waiting to be discovered just beyond your window pane. Get up close and personal with Birds of a Feather and some of God’s most stunning creations! Birds of a Feather is a FUN, NO PREP, 4-week unit study appropriate for grades 2-12.

Children choose from a wide variety of quality, library reading selections that focus on backyard birds, bird identification, the science of ornithology, and birds of prey. They will create and maintain a nature journal, learn to identify a variety of species,  meet a famous scientist and artist, Set up a bird feeding habitat with simple homemade bird feeders, a bird bath, and bird food concoctions, an MUCH more!

Do you have a Boy Scout in your family? He will earn his Bird Study Merit Badge while completing Birds of a Feather with the rest of his family. American Heritage Girls earn Our Feathered Friends Badge.

Common-Sense-PressThe World of Vertebrates – $24 Value
Organized around 24 lessons, each with a mini-book project, lab activity, and graphic organizer project, students will learn about fish, amphibians, salamanders, alligators, birds, mammals, and more.

Includes vocabulary words, “Lots of Science Library Books” a mini-book to make & read, lab activities, graphic organizers, and “Experience, Investigations, and Research” enrichment/extension projects.  Clear directions with step-by-step, leveled instructions, pictures, and helpful information make presenting lessons easy once the pre-lesson preparation is completed. A final cumulative project completes the course.

Grades K-8. On Cathy Duffy Top 100 list!

For-You-They-Signed“For You They Signed: The Spiritual Heritage of Those Who Shaped Our Nation” - $14.00
More than simply facts and figures, For You They Signed provides an abundance of resources within one volume, including: a full year of life-changing, challenging family or group devotional character studies, over 90 illustrations, biographical summaries, and insightful quotes, character quality definitions, Patrick Henry’s speech delivered to the signers, the Christian nature of state constitutions, and the Christian nature of America’s universities.

When you download the freebies you will get a coupon code discount to purchase the other components to get the most of this curriculum (optional.)  It can be used for a high school credit course!

Latin-Centered_Curriculum-Memoria-PressThe Latin-Centered Curriculum 1st Edition – $12.95 Value
From Cicero to C. S. Lewis, from Thomas Aquinas to Thomas Jefferson, the great minds of the West have been formed by a classical curriculum centered on Latin and Greek. Now you can give your children a traditional classical education at home with The Latin-Centered Curriculum.

In a clear and readable introduction, The Latin-Centered Curriculum surveys the history of classical education from the ancient Greeks through the 20th-century neoclassical revival.

With helpful charts and detailed explanations, The Latin-Centered Curriculum guides you step by step with book and curriculum recommendations for each school subject from K-12. It shows you how focusing a few core disciplines—classical languages, mathematics, and composition—can revolutionize your homeschool.

Pirate_Mini-Study_Cover“Pirate!” Unit Study – $7.00 Value
“Pirate!” is a two-week study on pirates, their plundering ways, swashbuckling fights, and golden loot. Daily readings share about their sea-faring culture and history, as well as the traditions of pirates. The module includes schedule pages for the two weeks that schedule daily assignments and the journaling pages that include rich content and interactive pages. You’ll love all the different things kids will learn, and the fun activities that will bring pirates home with you!

This study includes the reading you need for the study, activities and how to do them, fun games, and more! It is planned around a four-day week to make it easy to do, but it could also be spread out for longer, or customized to use in other ways.  Nothing else is required except craft supplies for the activities!

Free & Affordable Notebooking Pages

NotebookingPages.com Bundle – $20.85 Value
Notebooking is a family favorite here! We use notebooking in Science, History, and Geography (and anything else we feel like!) This FREE notebooking bundle will give you a taste of what Notebookingpages.com offers!

Includes:  Alphabet Copywork, Basic Lined Notebooking Pages, Christmas Copywork, American Presidents Sample Pack, Ancient Times Sample Pack, Famous Composers Sample Pack, First Ladies Sample Pack ,North American Birds Sample Pack ,State Studies Sample Pack, National Parks Sample Pack, and World Explorers Sample Pack.

Take advantage of their HUGE Black Friday Sale and Save $25 on a Lifetime Membership!

Cover, Unlock the Secrets of Compare and Contrast eBookUnlock the Secrets of Compare-and-Contrast Writing -  $19.99 Value
Unlock the secrets of compare-and-contrast writing in this eBook for your junior and senior high students. Written by Sharon Watson, Apologia author of Jump In, a middle school writing course that is one of Cathy Duffy’s 101 Top Picks for Homeschool Curriculum, this is sure to be a hit!

- Includes 10 complete lessons with 28 writing exercises
- Teaches your students 3 solid methods of writing compare-and-contrast essays
- Teaches nonfiction and fiction methods for compare-and-contrast
- Uses copious examples, even full essays written by students
- Includes Answer Key

Click here to download these amazing Black Friday FREEBIES!!


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