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New Species: Have You Heard of Sparklemuffin?


 new species and Roald AdmundsenEvery year, paleontologists (those who study fossils or life in prehistoric times) find evidence of a species we didn’t know about before, like a new species of terror bird (Llallawavis scagliai) in Argentina. Its skeleton shows it was ten feet tall!

And, often, other types of scientists discover new animals or species still living that no one knew about. For instance, a new type of shark called the lanternshark was discovered in the Pacific off the coast of South America last year, and now we know about a spider that looks like it has a peacock tail. It has been dubbed Sparklemuffin (Maratus jactatus), according to livescience.com.

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Jesse Owens Proved Him Wrong


Adolf Hitler, chancellor of Germany in the 1930s and 1940s, believed that Black people were inferior. He thought they were savages and had less intellectual power than white people.

So when a super-fast runner named Jesse Owens proved him wrong and won four gold medals at the 1936 Berlin Olympics, Hitler and his Nazi followers were infuriated. He said Blacks should be banned from the games because they were primitive.

Jesse Owens

Despite all the struggles Jesse Owens had with other people because of his skin color, he wrote in his autobiography,

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Personal Narrative: Not Quite How I Remembered It


Have you ever visited a house you used to live in or a place you used to visit as a child?

Does it seem smaller to you or different in some way?

personal narrative image

In this passage from “Remembrance, Ohio,” Ray Bradbury describes what it’s like to go back to a familiar place after a long time and find that it is not quite what you had remembered:

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