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Unlocking the Secrets of Writing and Literature

Practical, easy-to-use writing and literature courses for homeschools, Christian schools, and co-ops by Sharon Watson

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Do you have a teen who sits in his or her bedroom creating stories? Would this teen rather live in imaginary worlds than in the “real” one?

Why not equip your writer to succeed?

Writing Fiction [in High School] teaches teens about the elements of fiction writing they need to get published: point of view, characterization, setting, plot, description, conflict, empathetic characters, ramping up the conflict, and much more.

With tons of examples from classics and popular fiction, Writing Fiction [in High School] gives your teens the tools they need to be the next C. S. Lewis or Jane Austen.

Bonus: Students taking this course finally understand their literature courses!

writing fiction in high school

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7 Prompts about God

7 Prompts about God


Can your children and teens clearly express their ideas about God?

Students in my classes always have the hardest time when asked to write about God. They simply cannot communicate their thoughts, experiences, definitions of religious terms, or what God means to them. And most of these students have been brought up in Christian homes.

These prompts about God are for 5th – 12th graders and are designed to give them a chance to explore concepts about God and express their ideas on this most important topic.

Ready? Let’s go . . .


1. Describe

Describe God as completely as possible in exactly 50 words.

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A 100-mile Accomplishment

A 100-mile Accomplishment


Have you ever swum (swum?  That’s a word?) a mile?

How about two or three miles?

diana nyad

Diana Nyad

Diana Nyad, 64, made the more-than-100-mile trip from Cuba to Florida—by swimming the whole way!

Hallucinating from exhaustion and hypothermia, stung by a jellyfish, her throat closing up from the sea’s salt water, she kept on swimming for 53 hours. This was not her first try.  It was her fifth, and you can watch an inspiring interview with her on npr.org.  [Parents, you may want to check out the 15-minute video.]

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