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National Poetry Month: Do You Haiku?


National Poetry Month haikuApril is National Poetry Month. What a wonderful time to try your hand at writing a poem!

Haiku (high KOO) is a beautiful poem form that comes from Japan. It is usually about nature and can be spoken in one breath.

Syllables are important in a haiku, but, unlike poems you may be familiar with, a haiku does not rhyme.

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Time Travel: Make Your Reservation!


time travel Would you like to time travel?

What was it like when your ancestors first set foot on American soil? What did the Egyptian pyramids look like when they were first built, gleaming with layers of gold? How did Jesus perform the miracle of healing the ten lepers? What will the world be like when you are twenty years old?

One famous scientist, Stephen Hawking, believes people can time travel if they

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