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Family Writing Prompt: Is it Okay to Take Your Life when You’re Already Dying?


dying with dignity I had something completely different planned for today’s post, but this important topic is occurring now.

Perhaps you’ve heard about young Brittany Maynard. She’s 29, pretty, vivacious, married, a former teacher, and terminally ill with a very large cancerous brain tumor.

And she’s made it public that soon, perhaps on November 1st, she’s going to take a huge overdose of a sedative and end her life. According to People Magazine, Brittany’s mom, stepdad, husband, and best friend will be in the room with her.

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His Hands Were Bigger than Shovels: Hyperbole


hyperbole graphicHyperbole is a lot of fun to read and to write.

But what is it?

Hyperbole (hi PER bo lee) is exaggeration, as in “He was as hefty as a whale” or “Her whining voice so electrified the air that it knocked migrating geese off their course.” To read examples of this figure of speech, click here.

Just so you know, this figure of speech is also called a writer’s device and a literary device. And, just so you also know, “writer’s device” and “literary device” mean the same thing. The first is from the writer’s perspective; the latter is from the perspective of a student studying literature.

Here’s an example of hyperbole from Lee Child’s Personal in which he describes one of the bad guys:

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Writing Is Better When . . .


writing tip, writing is better whenWriting is hard. My students tell me this, and I believe them.

Writing makes their hands hurt. They don’t know what to write or how to write it. They have trouble coming up with topics. They’ll write if someone gives them a topic they are interested in. Or if someone gives them a topic, they don’t want to write.

All sorts of writing problems there! So, let’s make it easier on you.

Writing tip: When you are writing, be aware of your environment.

What do I mean by that? I mean be a detective and find out where you like to write and what you like around you when you write. Do you enjoy being in a room full of people, your favorite pet, or solid quiet when you write? Would you rather be at a desk . . . or slouched in the beanbag in the corner?

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