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How to Convince an Audience: Opinion versus Persuasion


opinion versus persuasion imageOur students are very good at expressing their opinions, especially when they want to change our minds!

What they don’t understand is that if they want to change someone’s mind, they have to stop thinking about themselves and start thinking about their audience.

Opinion versus Persuasion

Writing or expressing an opinion is all about what your student likes; convincing a parent or friend to do something is all about what the parent or friend needs to hear to be persuaded.

Here’s an infographic to teach your students the difference between writing an opinion and writing to persuade. After the infographic, I’ve included a short writing exercise your students can do quickly. My writing class just did it, and they had fun sharing their ideas about alligators, snow leopards, snakes, and so forth. I enjoyed watching those invisible lights turn on over their heads!

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The Biggest Pizza Delivery Tip in History?


huge pizza delivery tipOkay, so you deliver pizzas for Domino’s and you’re heading to a local college campus to deliver two pizzas. You open the door to the chapel where you’re supposed to deliver the pizzas when—BAM!—there you are in front of hundreds of students who are giving you the biggest pizza delivery tip you’ve ever received.

Students at Indiana Wesleyan University in Marion, Indiana, collected $1,268 for a tip for James Gilpin, along with inspirational notes and $70 in gift cards. You can read more about the incident and see a video of it here.

Why did students do this?

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Drones: Helpful Tools or Accidents Waiting to Happen?


droneA drone being flown by remote control by an amateur crashed into a skyscraper in Manhattan, reeled to the sidewalk below, and struck a man. You can watch a report of it on YouTube here.

Worried tourists atop the Seattle Space Needle called police when a drone buzzed the Needle and then returned to a nearby hotel.

This article reports that a groom was hit with a flying UAV at his wedding, and one crashed into spectators at a sporting event.

Motherboard.com reports that the DJI Phantom, the most popular commercially available drone, is a

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