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Snowflakes in Summer?


winter slowflakes in summer
It’s the end of July, the beginning of August, and we’re deep into summer.

Hot, sweaty days are filled with things you can’t do other times of the year, things like going on a vacation, weeding and harvesting, canning, swimming outdoors, catching fireflies, going camping, spending time with friends, and so on.

So perhaps it makes no logical sense that this prompts is really about winter.

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How to Avoid the Pain of Plagiarism


plagiarismToday’s article comes to you from my friend Lily Iatridis of Fortuigence.com. Her article is a wonderfully complete tutorial on plagiarism and how to avoid it. You’ll even find helpful links to help your students create those pesky citations.

In addition, Lily shares a solid method for taking notes and for keeping track of all the sources. And check out her handy anti-plagiarism checklist at the end!

This is well worth the read. I won’t be surprised if you use this article often as a reference for you and your children throughout the school year.

You can find Lily’s online writing course Essay Rock Star here.

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