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How to Fall Asleep. No, Really.

How to Fall Asleep. No, Really.


You might think this writing prompt is super boring, but hold on. It’s about to get really gross.

You can’t get to sleep, so you drink some warm milk. Or maybe you count sheep. No? What about read a boring book or listen to music until you fall into unconsciousness?

According to mental_floss magazine (August 2014), some people at the end of the 1800s believed so strongly in

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Family Writing Prompt: My Prayer for You

Family Writing Prompt: My Prayer for You


“My prayer for you is . . .”

Have you ever had the blessing of someone praying over you? Really pray for you, not to you, bringing you to the Father from a heart of love and compassion?

What is your prayer for your spouse? For your teen daughter who believes the lies the mirror whispers to her? For your clever son with dyslexia or for that child who seems so distant?

We encourage others when we pray. We uplift them. And we bring them before the God who created them, who can do far more than we can to touch their hearts.

Let’s intervene on behalf of the people we love most, and let’s give our children the experience of thinking of others through prayer. A prayer written especially for them will be a treasure they can┬áread over again during troubling times in their lives!

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