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Too Many Question Marks and Exclamation Points?


question marks and exclamation pointsWelcome to yet another week of biting, incisive grammar questions like this one: “Mom, is this sentence supposed to have one question mark or two at the end?”

If you’re dying to know what the other grammar tutorials are about, click here for one on punctuation in dialog. (Tarzan and Jane help out on that one.) Click here if you yearn to know how to handle commas in compound sentences with coordinating conjunctions. And click here for the hard-hitting exposé on where to put the comma, period, colon, or semicolon when using quotation marks.

This week, your students will wrestle with the thorny problem of what to do if a sentence is a question (interrogative) but there’s already a question mark to the left of the end quotation mark.

Take a look at the infographic, which is the lesson.

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What Contest Would You Like to Win?


contestWould you like to be a gurgitator?

Miki Sudo is a speed eater or a gurgitator, someone who eats competitively. According to the August 2014 issue of mental_floss magazine, this petite woman “entered her first food challenge less than three years ago on a whim.”

It took her 33 minutes and 12 seconds to eat

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Your Future Spouse


traits for future spouseLibby Nicholas kept a list of seventy-seven qualities she wanted in her future husband: has a strong handshake, is musically talented, volunteers at a homeless shelter, and, oh yeah, doesn’t eat at McDonald’s.

When she realized her list was full of

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