winter slowflakes in summer
Hot, sweaty, summer days are filled with things you can’t do other times of the year, things like going on a vacation, weeding and harvesting, canning, swimming outdoors, catching fireflies, going camping, spending time with friends, and so on.

So perhaps it makes no logical sense that this prompts is really about winter.

Or maybe it does. When it’s hot, we wish for snow; when it’s freezing outside, we wish for a warm and sunny day.

Now it’s your turn: Write about the things you miss from winter. What would you like to do now that you can’t because it is summer? What sights, scents, or events of winter do you miss in the dead of summer? You can describe a scene you miss or a winter scent you love, or you can write a personal story about something you really enjoyed in a past winter.

Note: You can write even if you are in the Southern Hemisphere where it is winter now. Write about what you wish you could have from summer.


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