Yes, it’s Thanksgiving this week in the United States, and we have much to be thankful for.

How can you tell someone, “Thank you”?  What can you do to show your gratitude?

Reader’s Digest asked their Facebook followers to suggest some ways.  Here are two of the methods their followers recommended:

Praise what the person did to everyone so he or she looks good.  (N. A., Chesapeake, Virginia)

Share what you have with others.  (H. K., Findlay, Ohio)

How can you show your gratitude? How can you say "thank you"? What act can you do that shows someone you are thankful? Be creative. Make a list of ideas.Now it’s your turn: Make a list of interesting and original ways you can say thanks or show your gratitude. Or write about a way you once thanked someone.

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Image copyright © 2014 by Sharon Watson

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