“A writer is simply a photographer of thoughts.” -Brandon A. Trean

Oftentimes our writing spills forth from an experience we’ve had or memory we’ve made. We keep a picture or image in our mind’s eye about that event, and it becomes the inspiration that prompts our writing. Have you experienced that?

Using someone else’s image or photo as a writing prompt can develop empathy and enable you to imagine the world from their perspective. That’s a valuable skill for a writer.

Grab these five fun photos here!

Photo-Inspired Prompts

Click here to download five photographs for you to use as prompts for writing. For each photograph, try your hand at these four prompts:

• Write a poem.
• Write a paragraph.
• Write a story outline.
• Write a funny or pithy caption.

You also can use your own photos. For an extra challenge, try not to use the noun that is prominent in the photograph for the poetry or paragraph prompts. Have fun!


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