Are you a homebody or do you love to gallivant? To gallivant is to travel, wander, or globetrot. Does that sound like you?

Whatever you happen to be, you can use these 16 writing prompts to become an armchair traveler and see the world right from where you are. You might even be inspired to plan a real-life trip!

Suitable for 5th – 12th graders.


16 Travel-Writing Prompts

1. You’ve just landed in exotic Bora Bora. Send a postcard home to your family. What do you say?
2. Around the world in 180 days? You’ll need a packing list. What will you bring?
3. You’re backpacking across mountainous Nepal. What’s in your backpack?
4. You and your mission team just landed in Haiti. Make a list of all the items lost between America and Haiti and what you hope to find there.
5. You’re going on a 5-country tour of Europe: France, Italy, England, Germany, and Austria. What do you eat? What’s in your food journal?
6. You’re traveling to Mexico, but you don’t speak any Spanish. Describe your interaction with locals. How will you ask about food and other necessities?
7. Write a letter home to your best friend describing what you miss about home.
8. You’re getting ready to take historic Route 66 cross-country (USA). What advice does your mom or dad give you?
9. You’re going to be on a long flight. What books will you load on your Kindle or bring with you? What music will you load on your music player?
10. You want one kind of a vacation and your family wants another. Make a list of things to say to them to convince them to go where you want to go.
11. You are taking a cruise to Alaska and the Arctic Circle. List the things you hope to see there and what you hope you do not see.
12. You’re taking a cruise with your best friend, but when you arrive at the ship you find it’s a senior citizen cruise. Describe your first day.
13. Describe getting lost while visiting the island of Buton.
14. You just got home. Make a list of all the things you’ll miss from your trip.
15. You’re traveling to see you grandma. You’re a new driver and your mom is letting you do the driving. Describe your anticipation.
16. En route to your destination, your flight is cancelled and you are stuck in the airport for 34 hours. Write a journal entry describing the situation.

Something extra for moms and teachers: If you or your family are planning a trip this summer, use this fun printable travel journal ! Find an entire list of fun travel printables HERE.


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