Looking for basketball-related writing prompts? Whether your students are sports enthusiasts or not, you’ve come to the right place!

Have you ever seen tournament brackets like the one in #1? Free printable included!

Fun for students in 5th – 12th grade. Dig in!

Looking for basketball-related writing prompts? You've come to the right place! Make new brackets based on villains and heroes, plus two more prompts.

1. Brackets

An integral part of the fun of watching the NCAA Basketball Tournament for the Men’s National Championship is filling in your own bracket list with teams you think will win certain games and lose others.

But suppose your teams are not college basketball teams? Suppose your brackets are composed of villains and heroes? Who would win in the championship round?

Click here to download your villain/hero brackets. Fill in the “teams” with four villains on the left and four heroes or heroines on the right. Then decide who would win each match-up and eventually win the championship.


2. Basketball Words

Below is a list of basketball terms:

Hoops. Basket. Foul. Dribble. Traveling. Walk. Guard. Screen. Pick. Paint. Back door. Offensive. Defensive. Key. Assist. Forward. Bench. Pivot. Lane. Violation. Swish. Pass. Palming. Charge.

Use five of those words in a paragraph of your choosing: story, description, nonfiction, and so forth. The only catch is that you cannot use those words in their basketball meanings. Use the meanings those words have in other settings.

(Feel free to change the form of any word, like the verb tense or number. For instance, you may use “swishing” instead of “swish” and “keys” instead of “key.”)


3. A Sporting Event

You’re going to a sporting event. Would you rather be a player on the team, a coach, a referee or umpire, a parent cheering a player on, an owner or manager, an announcer making the play-by-play calls, a photographer of the game, a concession-stand worker, a fan, or other participant?

Make your choice and then explain why you chose it.


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