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The Power in Your Hands: Writing Nonfiction in High School, 2nd Edition, STUDENT

$45.00 $38.00

Our popular composition course written to your student. The lessons are presented in a welcoming atmosphere with a little humor thrown in.

Grade Level: 9th – 12th

424 pages.





Our popular writing course in an eBook version! In a relaxed atmosphere with a little humor thrown in, students learn how to write essays and a research paper and prepare for college writing and beyond. Learning is aided and inspired by copious examples of student essays and professional articles.

This 2nd edition of The Power in Your Hands uses infographics to teach proofreading and common grammar mistakes, includes an easier-to-understand emotional appeal example, and has an index for your students. Daily lessons are now numbered to make planning easier for you and your teens.

Young or inexperienced writers catch up quickly. Experienced writers will enjoy the Digging Deeper lessons.

424 pages.

Contains some Christian-based material.

No prerequisites needed.

Important copyright information: It is allowable to print the eBook as needed for one household. As with any print version, moms can use the same book with more than one child. However, this eBook cannot be copied or printed more than once for use in co-ops or classrooms. Each student in a co-op or classroom needs to purchase his or her own copy.

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