When I think of a new year and new beginnings, I think of Samson, the Bible’s strongman.

You know, Samson with the long hair. Samson who wanted to marry a woman from an enemy country, a woman his parents did not approve of. Samson who tore a lion apart with his bare hands and then pestered people about it. Samson who killed thirty men at his wedding. Samson who hung around with Delilah.

That Samson.

Samson’s life was miraculous from the beginning. His mother could not have children, but an angel of the Lord announced to her that she would have a child and that he would help free the Israelites from the iron fist of the Philistines.

For most of his life, however, he pretty much did whatever he wanted to do.

But here’s the amazing part, the part about new beginnings: Middle School Writing Prompt -- Samson's life was filled with second chances to get it right. What would you like a second chance with? What would you like to do again and get right this time?God constantly gave Samson second chances. In fact, God’s words were fulfilled in Samson after the strongman had been captured, had his head shaved and his eyes gouged out, and had been put to work grinding grain as a slave in prison chained with shackles. I won’t spoil the ending, but you can read about Samson and his life in Judges 13-16. Click here for the account in the NIV. Click here for the account in KJV.

Now it’s your turn: What would you like to have a second chance at? Did something go wrong last year, and you’d like to fix it? Would you like another chance at that contest, that friendship, that habit, that conversation that went so badly last year? What would you like to do again and get right this time?

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