Is physical perfection possible?

If it is, do we really want it?

And if it isn’t, should we pretend to be perfect?

These are some of the questions teen Haleigh Hohman asks in her Facebook video after finding a very interesting button on her new phone that she calls the “magic button.”

High School Writing Prompt -- What is physical perfection and is it possible? If so, do we really want it? If not, is it right to fudge a little to achieve it? Watch this short video and then respond.Now it’s your turn: Watch this video by Haleigh Hohman . Then choose from the options below:

* What is your definition of “flawless” or “physical perfection”? After you define it, use one example to explain your definition.
* What “imperfections” would a magic button take off your face? How do you feel about that?
* What aspect of your face gives you trouble when you try to believe that you are “fearfully and wonderfully made”? * The full verse from Psalm 139:14 says, “I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made,” and, yes, the writer David is talking about his physical body at this point in the psalm.
* Write your opinion of what Haleigh says about physical perfection, our quest for it, and how we sometimes stretch the truth to achieve it.

* Write about a time when you wished for physical perfection or when you felt you had achieved it.

* If a friend were discouraged about his or her appearance, what could you say to be encouraging?

* Who or what sets the standard for physical perfection in your life or in the lives of your friends? Do you agree with this standard or disagree? Explain.

* Has Haleigh’s video changed your opinion of using the “magic button”? Why or why not.


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Image © Iosif Szasz-Fabian / dollarphotoclub.com

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